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Here is a new section on how we selected our rover sites in the recent VHF/UHF Contest. N9UUR



Greetings !

The Northern Lights Radio Society will be hosting two major events this year, Aurora '16 and the 50th Central States conference.

Aurora '16 will take place April 23 at the same location as in recent years, on the north side of St. Paul. This will be our 33rd annual event! The weather is always a little iffy for getting the antenna range in, but we have a good turnout, some interesting stuff at the tailgate market, and a nice technical program in the afternoon.
Contact Bill, K0AWU, if you have a technical contribution.

The Central States VHF Society is set for July 28-31 in Rochester MN, making it even more convenient for those of you in southern Badger land. We are really pleased with the site, and it should be a great conference. NLRS hosted the 30th and 40th conferences, and the attendance has been excellent.
Mark your calendars!

Paul W0UC


The Badger Contesters is an Amateur Radio club of like-minded hams who have interest in VHF/UHF/SHF weak-signal communications. Our goals are simple:

  1. Increased fun and enjoyment by getting to know other like-minded operators.

  2. Increased growth and progress in our hobby by sharing knowledge.

  3. Increased activity on what have historically been lightly used frequencies.

  4. Recognition of the existing and growing weak-signal activity in our area.

  5. Increased VHF/UHF contest activity.

While our geographic focus is Wisconsin, our membership includes Hams from Northern Illinois, Michigan's UP, and Eastern Minnesota. All are welcome to join us. For contest purposes, members may contribute their scores to our club score if the points were worked within 175 miles of our "club center", which is "officially" Oshkosh, WI.
( N44°, W88° 35' This is about one mile NW of Whitman Field, right along Hwy 41)


e-mail Reflector

The Badger Contesters has an e-mail reflector for the membership. This is where we discuss topics of interest, warn each other about upcoming contests and events, and make some noise when 6 meters is open.

An archive of the message reflector is availiable here.

If you would like to join in, please contact our list administrator, Bruce Richardson, W9FZ. He can add, remove, or change your e-mail address. He stands ready to assist any member with e-mail reflector concerns or issues.


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